Wegusta Holland is the specialist for casting and offers a wide variety of quality casting suitable for many applications in the industry.

Through our extended knowledge and experience, we are able to offer different qualities of non-alloy and high-alloy cast steels, Ni-hard, Chrome, Manganese and cast iron. 

We can offer you advice about the abrasion resistance, toughness, heat resistant etc. of your particular moulding so it will perform to its maximum during installation/ machine.


  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel
  • low- and high alloyed steel
  • heat-resistant steel
  • wear-resistant steel

Examples of materials made of cast steels:

  • 1.4823 for mechanical load and high temperatures
  • 1.4837 for heavy mechanical load and high temperatures
  • 1.4777 wear-resistant
  • 1.4848 for high temperature load
  • GS-52
  • GS34CrNiMo6V
  • GS42CrMo4V
  • GX120Mn12
  • GS34CrMo4V
  • GS42CrMo4V 

Cast iron

Cast iron is a high Carbon material and is mainly used in the building of machinery and for example lantern poles and drain covers. White cast-iron (for example Ni-hard IV) is often wear-resistant and is used for example in the dredge and concrete industry where abrasive wear takes place.

Examples of materials made of iron: 

  • GG20
  • GG40
  • GGG40 (nodualor – high mechanical properties)
  • GGG60 (nodualor – high mechanical properties)
  • Ni-hard IV
  • GX260NiCr42

Our foundries run their own patern shops, which allows flexible and customer focused work. At the same time the castings are custom made in both raw, processed and fully processed version. The employees of Wegusta Holland personally check after production castings so the optimal end product is guaranteed.

Please contact us for advice about qualities en applications.

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