About us


Since 1967, clients from various industries have come to us for fast and professional advice. In Wegusta Holland  you choose:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Experience

Good value for money is paramount 
Wegusta Holland has build strong relationships with their experienced suppliers who own modern production facilities. The quality and fair pricing for your products is always our priority.

Reliable in terms of quality, price and delivery time 
Obviously the reliability of a supplier is important when it comes to quality, price and delivery time. Good communication between your organisation and our staff is therefore important. Our strength is that we are always one step ahead.

Our expertise brings you fast solutions 
In case of specific wear problems, we draw on our broad experience with various materials (ceramic coatings liners  to castings and forgings) combined with our broad wear product knowledge in practice. This leads to fast solutions and satisfied customers.

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