Wegusta “laminated” Wafer Strip 725 HB / 63 HRc

Easy to use

Wafer Strips offer a thinner 6 mm wear plate on a 6 mm mild steel backing plate, total 12 mm thickness.


  • metallurgically bonded martensitic white iron bonded to a weldable, impact resistant backing plate;
  • 725 HB Wafer Strips offering superior wear and impact resistance when compared to Chrome-carbide clad plate and hard facing;
  • 725 HB Wafer Strips are manufactured with 1 mm deep cast notches on the wear and mild steel surface to allow parts to be easily cut and shaped to fit over contoured surfaces;
  • thinner and lighter than standard Chocky Bars.


  • ease of use and installation, can be formed over bends and curved surfaces;
  • significant increase in wear life when compared to AR plates, Chrome-carbide plates and hard facing;
  • less downtime and maintenance on worn parts;
  • reduced thickness and weight;
  • very cost effective due to extended wear life compared to hard facing and overlays.


  • bucket wear strips;
  • replaces hard facing for augers, directional drill heads, foundation drilling, raise bore drilling;
  • fan blade liners;
  • pugmill paddles, tip and scrapers;
  • recycling industry;
  • road planer skids and pick protectors;
  • replaces hard facing for pump housings and impellors.

Wegusta Holland  has his own warehouse facilities in The Netherlands from where we can supply the standard products out of stock.

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