Round steel chains

Round steel chains are used in bulk handling facilities and coal-fired power plants, among others.

Manufacturing takes place through modern welding machines that join the round steel together. Due to the high load, most chains are supplied with a Chrome/Nickel, Chrome/Molybdenum or Manganese alloy combination.

Round steel chains are mostly produced according to the following standard DIN standards:

– DIN 766 – DIN 763

– DIN 32891 – DIN 764

– DIN 82056 – DIN 5685

Depending on the application, the round steel chains can be hardened or refined to improve the mechanical properties of the chain.

In addition to the round steel chains, we can also supply you with the sprockets / nesting discs.


Often the chains must be able to withstand high loads and extreme working conditions, think of temperature differences, corrosion and certain degree of wear.

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