Extremely though and durable for number of impact/ abrasive wear applications

The various products like Chocky Bars, Strips and Wafer Buttons & Donuts are unique because the composition of the high wear-resistant qualities of chrome-molybdenum white iron metallurgically bonded to a base S235jr steel backing plate achieves a high elongation. The white cast iron has a minimum hardness of 725 HB / 63 HRc. The S235JR mild steel base plate functions as a layer for absorbing the impact on the white cast iron.

Wegusta “laminated” 725 HB wear parts are the solution for impact and high abrasive wear in the following industries:

  • Earthmoving equipment and transhipment companies
  • Recycling industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Steel- and cement plants
  • Dredging  industry

Wegusta “laminated” 725 HB wear parts provide durable protection for extreme applications resulting in increased production, reduced maintenance stops and reduced maintenance costs!

Wegusta “laminated” 725 HB  wear parts are available in standard shapes and custom parts. Chocky Bars and Wafer Strips are commonly used standard products.

Thanks to the metallurgical bond, Wegusta “laminated” 725 HB wear parts can endure the hardest impact and abrasive applications.

Applications  Wegusta “laminated” 725 HB wear parts:

  • Chutes and liners
  • Suction mouth dredging industry
  • Protection of tunnelboring machines
  • Shredder tips
  • Protection dragheads dredging industry
  • Protection earth moving equipment / shovels / buckets

Wegusta Holland supplies from their own warehouse in the Netherlands where standard products are in stock. Also the special customised dimensions can be delivered in a short time.


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